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New Korean Version Fish Mouth High Heel Wedge Sandals

New Korean Version Fish Mouth High Heel Wedge Sandals

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Discover a footwear masterpiece that effortlessly marries distinctive design, style, and beauty. These shoes are not just visually appealing; they also boast high-quality materials to ensure maximum comfort. With an array of colors available, you're given the freedom to choose the ideal shade for your unique taste.


- Upper Material: Crafted from premium high-quality leather, these shoes offer sophistication and durability.
- Functionality: Designed with both heightening and breathability in mind, these shoes cater to your comfort and style needs.
- Applicable Gender: Tailored for females, these shoes embody the essence of modern women's fashion.
- Style: Embrace the elegance of the Korean version of fashion with these trendy shoes.
- Color Options: Choose between classic Black and chic Apricot, allowing you to express your style effortlessly.
- Available Sizes: Sizes range from 32 to 43, ensuring a comfortable fit for a diverse range of foot sizes.
- Heel Height: Featuring a middle heel measuring 8cm, these shoes offer a stylish lift while prioritizing comfort.

Package Content:
Included in the package is one pair of these exceptional shoes, empowering you to walk confidently in fashion, comfort, and individuality.

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